Why delfijn?

My surname "van den Eijnde" is fine, really, but not suitable as a domain name. It doesn't sound right and is miss-spelled all the time, with "Ey", "Ei" or ending in "n" instead of "e". I prefer the Spanish version: doesn't "del Fin" sound better? Or rather "delfijn", otherwise it would mean "The End". The diphthong "ij" has a typical Dutch ring to it, wouldn't you agree? The association with dolphin is a nice bonus: for dolphins are intelligent, peaceful and playful. Just like me :-)

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Last updated: January 5th, 2024


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Ever since my teens I love to travel. It is wonderful to get to know foreign cultures and to enjoy the scenery in far away places. Click the image on the left for photo galleries about, e.g.:


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Once a passion, today only a dormant interest, flourishing every now and then with the occurrence of some special event in the sky or an interesting object.

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