ChiWriter version 3 fonts, printer drivers and converters

Note: you are strongly advised to read these instructions before using any software in this package.

1. Disclaimer

Any program or file in this package is presented to the user on an "as is" basis. Although great care has been taken in the design of all software, no warranty is given for the correct functioning of programs or printer drivers, nor about the accuracy of the accompanying documentation or fonts. The application of all software is at the user's own risk. The author cannot be held liable for any damage caused by its use, either directly or indirectly.

2. Freeware status of user contributions

All fonts, printer drivers, documents and the font operator can be considered freeware. This software may be freely distributed as long as all executables and files remain unchanged and are included in the distribution. Also no profit is to be made by reselling any of the software. If you find any software useful and plan to use it on a regular basis, I would appreciate it if you send me an e-mail telling me why you like it and what you are using it for. Also let me know if you find any errors in the software.

3. Copyrights of converters and upgrades

All converters in this package are original ChiWriter software from Horstmann Software Development Company. Although Horstmann SDC does not exist any more, these may still be copyright protected, so they are not freely distributable. If you want to use them, you should be a registered ChiWriter user. It is your own responsibility to check whether you are entitled to use them. I only present them here on an "as is" basis, and I accept no responsibility whatsoever for the correctness of the software, nor for any damage caused by their use. The fact that they are presented here does not imply any support from my side.

4. Description of downloadable files

4.1 Freeware

Most of the download zip files below are related to my efforts for improving the style, quality and completeness (filling up empty character places with useful symbols) of ChiWriter fonts, replacing the original fonts with my own versions. I spent much time in carefully designing these fonts. If you are interested in the strict design principles I adhered to, please consult my font philosophy. Optimal usage of the fonts can only be guaranteed using special printer drivers, so I designed these as well, for several types of printers. Of course, I did not dispose of printer manuals for all kinds of printers, let alone the printers themselves, so my collection of printer drivers is limited, and not up to date. In order to differentiate between the available types of drivers I adopted a naming convention, which you will need if you plan to use these drivers. If you own a printer that is not supported by any of my drivers, you may consider to modify a driver or create a new one from scratch. Consult the ChiWriter version 3 reference manual and your printer manual in order to successfully achieve this. Often this implies only changing a few parameters in the ASCII text of the printer drivers.
A DOS-program for performing bulk operations on ChiWriter version 3 or 4 font files, such as shifting, rotating, scaling, tilting, superposing, filling, blanking, checkerboarding and mirroring on all characters in a given range at once. See the options screen or character display screen. A detailed manual is included. It is best to move the font operator to the font directory of the fonts you are most likely to use it for.
A number of ChiWriter version 3 test documents, to be used for testing all fonts on a printer, in various printing styles (pitches). Unzip to your document directory (c:\chi\doc). A documentation text file is included.
Complete set of low (cft) and high (eft) resolution screen fonts, with screen drivers for VGA and SVGA in low or high resolution, screen parameter files, a colour palette program and a batch file for instantly changing the screen resolution. Unzip to your ChiWriter directory, but take care to back up your original screen fonts first.
Extensive set of graphic (mft) fonts (sample), for optimal quality printing on 9-pin matrix printers (Epson, IBM, STAR, generic), achieving a resolution of 240x216 dpi, with matching printer drivers, printer driver documentation files, and a configuration parameter file. Move the printer drivers to the ChiWriter directory (c:\chi), and the  fonts to the font path directory mentioned in the printer driver used.
Extensive set of downloadable (psf) fonts (sample) for 300 (or more) dpi postscript laser printers, concatenated with matching initialization files to a single postscript file for each of three possible printing styles (pica, elite and proportional), a binary laser printer driver (*.drv) and printer driver parameter (descriptor, *.prn) file. Move the printer drivers to the ChiWriter directory (c:\chi), and the  postscript font files to any directory you like. Before printing a document the ps font file corresponding to the printing style used should be sent to the (postscript) laser printer.

4.2 ChiWriter converters
Converter package for converting ChiWriter version 3 documents to WordPerfect 5.1 documents. Note that the latter can be read by MS Word word processors. Best moved to the ChiWriter document directory (c:\chi\doc).
Converter package for converting WordPerfect 5.1 documents to ChiWriter version 3 documents (can't think why you would need this one). Best moved to the ChiWriter document directory (c:\chi\doc).

Last updated May 29th, 2006
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